Digital Public Spaces


We are working on a shared mission to create open, democratic and sustainable digital public spaces, both locally and in Europe.

We put the public stack into practice when realising this mission; in particular on the local level in our home city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, where we build towards the realisation of the digital public domain. 

One step that can help to bring us closer to this mission is to dive into the essential domains that serve the public interest. Every domain has a role to play be part of shared, open, democratic and fair digital public spaces.

Illustration of Society

By and for society

Many initiatives are already developing assets that can contribute to the public spaces we envision, providing insight into the possibilities of embedding certain public values within technology.

Illustration of Government

Public Domain: Government

Governments across Europe have a key role to play when it comes to digital public spaces that serve the public interest. All levels of governments have a role to play. 

Illustration of Energy

Public Domain: Energy

The energy transition is upon us. Green technology can help us make a cleaner, healthier planet, but it also needs to strike a balance with citizens’ needs.

Illustration of Education

Public Domain: Education

Democracy requires a well-educated citizenry, while our world is becoming increasingly complex. Digital technology contributes to the need for lifelong learning, but can also help to provide the resources to make lifelong learning possible.

Illustration of Health Care

Public Domain: Health Care

Digitalization has widespread effects on modern healthcare across the field, impacting treatments, doctor-patient interactions, data governance, and more.

Illustration of Media

Public Domain: Media

Media is all of the information, entertainment, and communication that we send out and take in. Anyone can produce it, and this offers new opportunities and challenges for societies.